Our journey starts in 373bc with a Celtic Princess, Cambri Formosa.

Born the only heir of the Celtic King, Princess Formosa gained the love of her people with her beauty, sharp mind and warm heart. Early drawings of the Princess show her to have long flowing red hair. Formosa translates into modern English as beautifully formed. During the Celtic era clans survived through trading with their neighbours. With successful trading came periods of peace. To maximise this the Princess taught the women of her clan to sew and weave with Hemp, crafting clothing, ropes and sacks.

The use of Hemp as a commodity continued through the years, reaching its peak demand during the Tudor period. The use of Hemp in ropes, sails and riggings allowed the Tudor dynasty to sail and conquer much of Europe. The production of Hemp was so vital to the UK’s economy that Henry VIII made it compulsory for Farmers to grow.

The industrial revolution saw the demise of Hemp in the UK, as production with cotton and steam shipping became more viable. In 1928 all Cannabis was outlawed in the UK.

In 2018 the outlaw made it’s return, and now, under licence, Hemp is grown again.

Here at HIN we are excited to be a part of the Hemp revolution and the First Hemp infused spirits company in the UK!

We are a small batch spirits company looking to deliver a taste with over 3,000 years of history and passion into every bottle we produce. Our bespoke recipe has been carefully crafted to unlock the many hidden earthy aromas found in Hemp. We fuse together classic Gin flavors with the new, exciting and never seen before Hemp botany. Every HIN batch has been crafted and distilled in the UK using copper stills.

Will you join us on our Hemp revolution?

Team HIN